The Universim helps you provide the divine being even in times when you are not playing. Probably, it is not so easy to play yourself a God when you are not ruling your nuggets the way you get used to in The Universim. But we know how to help you keep the divine mood all the time.

Get the official The Universim merch from our site! Find here the items which only the true Gods can afford. The clothes with The Universim game prints, what can be more corresponding to your divine style?

Everything is so simple:

  • Find the needed apparel.

  • Make an order on our site.

  • Pay via credit card.

  • Get your package with divine accessories.

Choose from the following; each item is available in different colors.

  1. The Universim T-shirt: $21.

  2. The Universim sweatshirt: $25.

  3. The Universim cap: $8.

Express your admiration with The Universim game and prove others you are the God of style!


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T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton T-shirt Joke 100% Cotton
$21 $21 $21 $21

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