Universim: How to use creator powers

The Universim makes you feel like a God: you get Nuggets to lead, planet to develop and all the powers to control. But, even the almighty ones sometimes need help to use their powers properly.

What are the Creator powers?

Creator Powers provide users the opportunity to control nuggets, weather, create disasters or just set everything on fire. Due to these powers, you have a great time manipulating the game’s physics and simulation aspects. You can take objects and throw them around, lead your humans by using special commands and even trigger horrible disasters. The developer also emphasizes that the powers are still being tested so you can give feedback on their official site to help.

These powers represent types of activities from basic interactions with people and objects to impregnating your people or giving them immortality. In the last update, the developers also boosted some terraforming powers that dealt with modifying the environment. Such powers include placing trees and rocks into the world, as well as creating rain, snow or storm and having control over the worldly climate. In addition, the developers also introduced options to create natural disasters from earthquakes and lightning to volcano eruptions and meteor strikes. So, if your nuggets behave badly, you can literally set everything on fire by clicking just one button.

To use the Creator Powers, you need to have enough Creator Points, which are gained at a particular level.

How to use Creator Points?

Creator Points are similar to sand in an hourglass. You collect points at a certain rate and use them for enabling Creator Powers. Every Creator Power costs a different amount of these points. You can spend 3600 Points maximum at any given time.

The cost of applying a Creator Power depends on the scale of the action it performs. For example, if you want to pull a tree or rock from the ground and throw it, it will only cost a few points. However, if you wish to cause a more awe-inspiring power, such as a natural disaster, it will cost a huge number of points, if not all of them.

Types of Creator Powers


  • Basic Object Interaction.

Cost: 60 CP
This is the piece of cake for any god. Who doesn’t like to throw stones, trees, or people around? The harder you throw an object, the more damage it will cause to anything it hits.

  • Inspiration.

Cost: 600 CP (10 minutes)
A rousing speech can only be so effective, which is why your unquestionable sway over lesser-minded creatures is so important. Casting this on a crowd of Nuggets will make them work faster, increase their Might, and refill their stamina bars. It’s like an energy drink from the gods.

  • Construction & Repair  Focus

Cost: 600 CP (10 minutes)
Nuggets aren’t really programmed to do exactly as you wish, especially when it comes to construction, which is why you need a way in which to communicate your orders without drawing too much suspicion. Casting the Focus power on a building will make it shine brightly and draw Construction Nuggets to the scene to either repair or construct the building. They won’t suspect a thing.

  • Inconceivable.

Cost: 600 CP (10 minutes)
Ever wondered how you lose 100 or so kilograms of useless fat? Cut him out of the relationship. This power will make a female Nugget pregnant without the help of a male.

  • Immortality.

Cost: 2400 CP (40 minutes)
Some say immortality is a curse. We say that our favorite Nuggets don’t have much of a choice in the matter. This power will ensure a desired Nugget never feels the touch of time. They can, however, still feel the teeth of a wild animal or the effects of starvation, so try to keep them safe.


  • Plant 10 Trees

Cost: 2400 CP (40 minutes)
Cutting down trees a little too quickly? Is the air getting a little too hard to breathe? Well, slap a few trees down and call it a day.

  • Plant 1 Tree

Cost: 420 CP (7 minutes)
For every 420 Creator Points spent, we will plant a tree to help save the planet.

  • Drop 10 Stones

Cost: 2400 CP (40 minutes)
Planting trees is one thing, but you don’t really plant rocks without good reason. It’s far more fun to drop them.

  • Drop 1 Stone

Cost: 420 CP (7 minutes)
This power is interesting in that one can actually throw the rock with varying force, damaging or destroying anything in its path. You can also just drop it, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun.

  • Cloud Formation

Cost: 840 CP (14 minutes)
Want a quick shower? Try forming rain clouds that react to the environment around them. Better watch where the wind is blowing or your plans to put out a fire may go in a completely different direction.

  • Thermostat

Cost: 3600 CP (60 minutes)
Everyone has fooled around with the thermostat at least once in their lives. Now you can do so on a planetary scale. Using this power will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature of the planet by 10 degrees celsius for 1 hour. It can be cast multiple times. Be careful, many plants and living creatures don’t react kindly to rapid climate change.


  • Lightning Strike

Cost: 420 CP (7 minutes)
Pretend you’re Zeus by unleashing the power of lightning upon the world. Lightning strikes deal damage to both buildings and creatures. They can also cause fires to start spreading, which react with wind direction and speed.

  • Earthquake

Cost: 3600 CP (60 minutes)
Earthquakes are fun to watch, mainly due to their destructive nature, but they can also assist your civilization. Earthquakes open up new resource deposits for your people to mine, and include resources such as oil, wood, stone, and so on. However, the location of an earthquake is always random, so be mindful of the dangers.

  • Volcano

Cost: 3600 CP (60 minutes)
You raise me up, so I can spew out lava. That’s how the song goes, right? Using this power will create a volcano that increases the temperature in its radius of effect and destroys anything within its critical zone. It lasts for 120 minutes, so don’t expect this to be a simple trip to the disaster drive-through.

  • Tornado

Cost: 3600 CP (60 minutes)
An uncontrollable, spinning force of nature that sucks up anything in its path and spews it across the countryside. You can choose where it begins, but it decides where to end.

  • Meteor Strike

Cost: 1200 CP (20 minutes)
There’s something about bombarding the surface of a planet with giant space rocks that are so very satisfying. However, these are no mere space rocks. Every meteor strike will include what we call a Pandora’s Box. These boxes can either include helpful gifts, such as a new Research Item or a collection of resources, or deadly surprises, such as a bomb or a contagious virus.