The Universim guide

This article will assist you as a brief guide on how to begin playing the Universim game, and what steps are better to take in order to create a flourishing civilization. Don’t consider the information contained here as "the only" right way of playing the game, as there is no really correct way of playing any game. So, let’s start.

Universim strategy guide for beginner

The first thing you'll see in Universim is the world in front of you, also known as the Mother Planet. It generates randomly every time you start a new game, so it will never look the same as the last. It has similar characteristics to our Earth, like water, greenery, the four seasons, clouds, blue skies, etc.

This is the basic starting planet, where you will create your civilization and build them up. Lead your civilization through the ages and it will rise under your guidance.

But sometimes, your residents will make their own decisions or seek to make civilization better in some way. This can lead to wars and conflicts. So, you should intervene and attempt to bring an end to the chaos. Yet, you also can simply watch as they destroy one another. If don’t want this to happen, follow a strategy we’d like to offer you.

Technology brings progress

Without some discoveries or technology, your civilization may not even be able to progress beyond the Stone Age. New research options in Universim become available every time your civilization progresses through the ages.

It will also bring positive changes in society and building development.

The epicenter is the first building you will place on the mother planet. It works as the central and most powerful place on the planet. Once built, it will give you four Nuggets to begin your civilization with. Two of them will be grown-ups, with the other two being children.

Weather is important

In particular environments, the population and constructions will improve faster. Though, in cold environments, deserts, and other rather unwelcoming areas, resources like food may be a deficit and will, therefore, prevent development.

It is strongly recommended to place the epicenter in an area close to water, a forest, and a patch of loose rocks. They will serve as the starting sources that your nuggets can use to advance themselves, construct new buildings, and to stay alive. Having these resources nearby will result in less travel time for your nuggets.

Lead the nuggets

Once you’ve got your first four nuggets, the adults will immediately head out to gather resources while the children wander around. Command your nuggets to build a Well to create a fresh drinking water supply.Place the well in an area with a good water source.

Once the well is complete, begin building a water pump. Most buildings need a water pump in order to work properly. Nuggets will also begin to make families. Each family will need their own home to live in. When someone from a Nugget’s family dies, the entire family will be miserable for some time. With Your Power, you can inspire sad Nuggets. Nugget families also celebrate when a member of the family achieves something important during their life. For example, when a Nugget joins a more high-level profession, by finishing their studies, the family will receive a boost in happiness. This will make them more productive, meaning things will be built faster and stronger.

Food is never enough

After the pump is complete, make a plan for food. You can go fishing, or you can build Farms and plant crops. The game provides different kinds of crops. Some will grow better in different areas, while others can only grow in specific temperatures and places. Some crops can take longer until harvest but yield more food. Use the crop that requires the least amount of water.

More buildings

By this point, we mean that you should have more adults working for you. The next building should be the Engineer's Hut. This will let you make repairs to your current buildings so they won't fall on themselves. If buildings begin to collapse, it'll put a drain on your resources as you re-construct them from the ground up.
Consider building a Hospital or a Cemetery. Injured nuggets will begin losing health if not healed. Dead nuggets can leave scraps of illness near their corpses if not buried immediately. Mass illness or injury can soon lead to a quick death and the destruction of your civilization.

We hope you liked our beginner Universim guide. Try the game now to use it and start creating a flourishing society of happy Nuggets!