How to save the Universim game progress?

This question bothers a lot of Universim fans worldwide. The game is available on Steam, for Windows, macOS and Linux. And you can play all versions with one account. So, how to save the game progress?

Guide to save the game progress

Actually, this issue was reported many times while the game was launched first time in Early Access. Now it has been fixed by Crytivo Games. How does it work?

The Crytivo Games has introduced a unique mechanic system for the game. Since the Universim is developed as a challenging game, the creators managed a totally new way of saving the data, that is located in the game itself.

Saving the game progress is an actual part of a game. In Universim to save the game data, you have to make your Nuggets build an Archive Building. This structure will contain the entire history of your Nugget civilization. This is one of the first buildings your humans are able to set up after they researched building.  If the building is functioning correctly, the game can be saved. When the building is destroyed, then the data can not be saved, so keep your Archive in working condition. Don’t forget about the building if you plan to throw a catastrophe on your civilization. There’s also an autosave option that permits your Nuggets to write their history on their own. But most players recommend setting the Autosave function at 0, because it may break the game after a while. Though, it’s still up to you.

The game can be loaded back from both main menu or Archive building.

Now, you know how to save the game progress in Universim! Have a good time building your civilization!