Time periods in Universim

The Universim is a planet management god-simulation game where you are charged with leading new species, called the Nuggets, through the ages. Some of these Ages or Eras are still to come, but most of them are available to play in the current version. So, let’s see what features the Universim Eras can offer.

Universim eras

The game will have four of Universim eras. These include the Stone Age, the Medieval Age, the Industrial Revolution Age and the Space Age. Each of them will bring players new unique challenges as well as new mechanics. In the current game version, you can progress up to the Industrial Revolution era (the end of the Middle Ages). Although your leadership in the Stone Age is more important, you will see the progress of civilization and become more autonomous in later eras. The Industrial and Space periods are still developing, especially features of planet colonization and Space exploration of the Space age.

Stone Age

The Universim Stone Age is the first era in the game you can play. In this period of time, your Nuggets act primitive and helpless to the severe wilderness of the planet. The Stone Age provides researching and discovering fundamental simple stuff like Wells and Farms. You also have to keep your Nuggets alive and teach them to make it through the long, freezing winters. The Dinosaurs may have had something to do with this era, but there will be none of them. Although, you can still hear some Mammoths if you listen closely. The Stone Age was the first stage added in the game.

To begin building you only need stones and wood. Later, the game will require refined stone, refined wood and iron. The Nuggets will set their first primitive homes down once they find a Partner. Other buildings can be placed wherever and whenever you want them to do it.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Age will bring your Nuggets to new technologies. They’ll have to discover these technologies to make their lives easier. The Stone Age was a period with poor efficiency. That is why the developers introduced Labor Management in Universim Industrial Revolution. This building will become available in the Mid Era. With Labor Management, Nuggets will start to organize Work Shifts, meaning that they will not leave work until their shift is over. After their shift ends, Nuggets can do whatever they want to. Labor Management supports constant production in individual buildings and decreases downtime, meaning your guard towers will never be undefended. Labor Management feature fixes several problems, but does it keep the sun up? Nope.

In the night time you won’t be able to do much without light, so one little thing called Electricity is going to have to keep the lights on in your cities. Providing this magical power will make many more tasks automated as you develop your civilization. You won’t need to build as many Water Pumps, for example, as their output will increase significantly when they become mechanized. Electricity can be generated in various ways. You can both choose electricity produced by natural sources, like Wind Turbines or a special crank system for some poor Nuggets to rotate, or Gas Power Plants, which use non-renewable resources. The Gas Power Plant is the most stable and powerful generator of electricity, but it requires the use of precious resources and can pollute the planet with substantial downsides, leading to natural disasters and unfriendly air..

Modern Era

The Universim Modern Era, or known as the Modern Age starts after you finished the Medieval Era of the game. In this Age, you are able to create machinery and have your Nuggets set up effective and useful power plants for production of certain needs like Oil, Iron, Cement, Glass along with the essential supplies like wood and stone. You would then be able to have your Nuggets explore automation and vehicles such as cars, ships, and planes. Because of the giant cities that you would have to take care after, you must build some offices of law enforcement (once your Nuggets have researched Government) to keep crime levels down and buildings that can hire Nuggets to get rid of certain natural disasters that can happen.

The Universim Modern Era also provides you with an opportunity to set up a specific structure known as the Nugget Customizer where you can customize certain Nuggets and dress them however you want them to look. You must also keep an eye on electricity consumption as it now especially will play a great role in your Nugget's technological and cultural evolvement as you progress. Make sure to construct a good amount of electrical generators to keep up with the demand.

The Modern Era also makes your Nuggets begin to look upwards to the stars above. In this Universim Era, you can research and explore technologies that are specialized for studying specific star systems or planets beyond your own Mother Planet and Solar System. To accomplish that, you may need to have your humans study and construct special things such as the Telescope and soon even satellites. With these technologies, you can then have your species target and research other star systems with planets that may, or not support the conditions for life to exist in order for future preparation and further research in order for future exploration and potential colonization of these worlds. The main goal is to research and develop the very first spaceship able to breach the atmosphere of your home planet and eventually leave your planet entirely to explore others that you have targeted as potential candidates for colonization. In this point, the Modern Age ends and starts the most exciting era of your character's history - The Space Age.

Space Era

The Universim Space Age is the final era of The Universim game. At this stage, your Nuggets will be able to travel into the outer space. Once you out there, things can be very surprising. For example, you might find a planet that's a ticking time bomb or one that has hostile conditions. There are also planets that you can colonize. Be warned that there are extraterrestrial civilizations out there and they can be friendly or not.

Alien planets will have changing conditions and different environments and wildlife. Some will be more difficult to tame than others, but the rewards will definitely be worth it. Use your technology and powers to alter the climates of planets you discover.  The Universim Space Age is in the work process now, but we hope to get it soon.

The developers of the Universim like to get players feedback. It helps them to create new game features that are really needed. If you have something to suggest, feel free to visit the official site to share your thoughts!