The Universim Review 2019

What’s with Universim and the Reasons behind the Presence of its Disturbing Weathers

Due to the rapid development and improvement of modern technology, our life became better, and our
daily tasks became lighter. These technologies have helped us to reach a good living in this world. These
developments and advancements also brought lots of entertaining materials to entertain and make
curves in our faces. Entertainment became the people’s stress reliever and hobby.

Some entertainment materials include televisions, radios, mobile phones, laptops, and computers. With
these, mobile and computer games were brought alive for the people. Games either it is for
entertainment and work became parts of our daily lives.

Try to observe yourself, do you play games on your gadgets? Or your younger and older brothers and
sisters, do they play? Your parents, do they play games for leisure times? See, games really became a
part of our lives. From across the world, so many games were being created by genius minds. There are
games for educational purposes, for informative, persuasive, and so many more. There are games
whose objectives are only to kill enemies and take powerful weapons, and there are also games that are
used to fulfill the sexual demand of gamers.

But, some games mainly focuses on our environment and human civilization, and that is the Universim.
Before anything else, let us have first some quick facts about this game and why other people say that it
is a game worth playing for.

What does the game Universim mean?

In April, the year 2017, the Crytivo Games started developing a game that will educate the players about
our environment and human civilization. The game is called Universim. It is an upcoming Indie, and it is
referred to as God-style simulation video game. It is a single player game, and the designer of this game
was Alex Koshelkov. The players take the position as a God, and they need to make all of their efforts to
guide the civilization and the protection of the environment. This game will be available on Linux,
macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

This game’s goal is to give life to the different genre of gaming called God-game and take it in the
present generation to make it better with the use of fresh and new ideas. In this game, you are given
the power to start your own empire or world and bring it into a good situation.

Who are the characters in this game?

This game’s characters are human-like avatars that are made of stones, they are called the nuggets but
not literally the nuggets that we eat. It’s just a cute name, so the developer had picked it. These nuggets
are your people, and every action they take is based on the way you rule the game. They have different
and unique characteristics just like a normal human being. They also can think and ask for their needs.
They are your survivors who face a lot of hindrances during the game.

How do you play a game like the Universim?

This game is a single player, so you only need yourself. Playing this game is bias to yourself because you
are going to create a world and work for its civilization through the ages. You are the God so you will
rule this game. Like God, you will work hard for the sake of your world. You also need to become a fair
God which properly applies the good virtues to live well in the world. Just like a normal human and
world, we experience a lot of tragedies and natural disasters. These include typhoons, floods, landslides,
earthquakes, tsunamis, and so many more.

What are the roles of disasters in the game Universim?

Here are some gathered reasons:

  • To teach the nuggets on how to survive
    Natural Disasters includes groundbreaking earthquakes, strong and huge tsunamis, mind-
    blowing tornadoes, and so many more. The nuggets must survive with the help of the player.
    Tactics and strategies are badly needed by the nuggets for them to survive.
  • Teach the nuggets to take care of their place
    When the nuggets in this virtual game’s world became careless and irresponsible, the player will
    do make some natural disasters to teach them lessons. The lessons include:
  1. Take good care of your resources, do not abuse it.
  2.  Help each other to reach success instead of dragging each other down
  3. Do not take advantage of the opportunities for you to suppress other nuggets
  • The disasters help the nuggets realize about their actions
    The natural disasters help the nuggets reach enlightenment for them to realize that in every bad
    action they take, it has consequences behind it.
  • Teaches the nuggets to help each other to be able to make their place a better place to live in
    Helping each other is a vital component to let your place be a better place to live in. All of the
    nuggets living in a place is considered as a community, and they must help each other without
    asking in return for the sake of their place and existence.
  • To make a better starting kit to change and improve the place
    Natural disasters may have severe damages to the Nuggets but still, it is considered as a starting
    kit for the nuggets to start an improved and much better place.
  • To make them realize that the day is much safer than the night
    Wild animals mostly attack during the night so the nuggets must be aware and alert.

All of these disasters have vital roles in the development and civilization of the nuggets. Just like in the
real world, natural disasters are given to us by God for us to realize and regret our sins not just to him
but also to the environment and to other people. This game is really an eye opener and life changing for
it; it opens doors of realizations and enlightenment regarding the timely and disturbing happenings in
our world. How about you, what do you think of this game? Is it good or bad?