About us

Pretend yourself to be a God. That’s all you need to play The Universim. We are admired by the simplicity of the idea for the immaculate simulator game. The god-game genre is precisely what the gamer who is tired of mundane plots needs.

If you are not the fan of The Universim, then you didn’t play it! It is evident that everyone who at least once tried himself in the role of God, won’t give up the possibility to run over this experience again.

Being the biggest fans of The Universim, we decided to create a site entirely dedicated to this game. Why do we like it so much, you may ask. And we have the list of reasons:

  • The unique feeling of walking in God’s shoes.

  • The unlimited possibilities of creating and destroying.

  • Your will is the only power in the game.

  • You are the only person who decides to be merciful or strict with the humankind.

  • Remember Bruce Almighty movie? You will get emails from mortals with various requests just the same as he did.

  • There are lots of discoveries to make on the Earth and other planets as well.

Did we convince you that The Universim is the perfect title to free you from boredom? Hope, we did. So faster download The Universim and prepare yourself to act like God. And don’t forget to come back on our site from time to time. We’ll reveal you all the tips and tricks about this god-simulating game so that you become the most powerful of all gods ever!