The Universim

  • Developer: Crytivo
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
  • Version: Early Access
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Official information

Release Date Aug 28, 2018
Developer Crytivo
Publisher Crytivo
Genre Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian
System PC
Version Early Access


The Universim review: try walking in God’s shoes

What if God was one of us? Do not think we are trying to recall a popular song in your memory. We are just revealing you the concept of a new game.

Imagine if you could act like a god. What would you do then? How would you plan each aspect of the life on a planet? Would you be merciful or strict? There are so many questions to answer when you play The Universim, a simulator of God.

This recent title is already available for players. You can download The Universim on Steam or the official site and get your deserved portion of the divine being. Some useful tips to play the game are here in our The Universim review.

The Universim: one of many simulators?

The simulator of God The Universim is a creation of mere mortals from Crytivo Studio Games. It seems like the game project was blessed from its very beginning. In 2014, yet unknown developer Crytivo decided to bring this creative project to life. The team collected about $400,000 for just a month on Kickstarter so that could quickly proceed to development.

But the release was delayed for a few years. The title was highly anticipated by fans of the simulator genre and was finally released on 28 August 2018. Was is worth such a long waiting?

We should admit that city-building simulators are not something as rare as diamonds in the video game industry. Players can build civilizations or cities from scratch in the latest video games like OpenCity, The Settlers 7, Cities XL, Tropico, SimCity, Banished, Cities: Skylines, Cities XXL, Anno 2205, Clockwork Empires, µCity, and so on. You see, there are more than enough titles in this popular genre.

But The Universim stands out in the row of building simulators. This point of creating when being the God is crucial for the game and for people who are playing it.

Let’s try to find even more specialties of the game and to understand what’s the fuss about.

What is it like to be a God

In The Universim, more than in other games you can understand that the world is full of surprises. And you can feel yourself the master of the world. An excellent chance to boost your self-confidence, for sure.

So you are endowed with the power of the God. Just try to imagine it: the whole universe (or rather the Universim) is at your disposal. You have an unlimited power of creation and exploration: the whole lot of planets and worlds are available for your creator’s needs. As the Almighty, you can develop life on different planets, inhabit them with people (nuggets), and control the inhabitants entirely. Help develop or watch the cities turning to ashes - that is all your will.

The inhabitants of your civilization are going to make decisions for themselves, and you should guide them in the needed direction.

Whatever you do, you just can’t screw all up. Because you are the God, everything you do is right. You can be merciful to people, help them avoid conflicts, and contribute the humankind progress. And that will be good.

On the other hand, you can let your nuggets start wars, send diseases and cataclysms to them, watch their decline, and so on. And that is also all right. It is normal to be fierce with your nuggets when you are the God. So don’t limit yourself and choose a model of behavior with the humankind which you think it deserves.

You can let yourself be kind, angry or indifferent. Any of these variants lead to various consequences which you are going to deal with. But whatever you choose you are still the God - responsibility and power is your burden.

Technology is the answer

The gameplay in The Universim is rather simple at the moment. The god-game genre requires elementary actions like choosing what to build, what new to learn, how to help nuggets survive and confront hunger, thirst, and silliness as well.

The development of technologies is the key to the nuggets evolution and one of the most important aspects of the game. So you should regularly take care of the high index of technology. That will let your civilizations move out from the Stone Age to the new brighter and better epochs.  

Thanks to the science, your primitive wards are going to become creatures with the high IQ. For example, by developing space technologies, they will get a possibility to launch rockets into space, explore distant planets, and discover new civilisations as well.

Again thanks to science, your nuggets will be able to build metropolises from tiny settlements. With the technologies, the improvement will come faster to any branch of their being. All the same as with the real life on Earth.

Nuggets: the interaction guide

Nuggets are the human beings you are as the God responsible for. As we already mentioned, you can choose different models of behavior regarding them. Are you a generous or a strict kind of God? It’s you to decide. But you always should keep in mind that the more content and evolved nuggets, the more chances for creating advanced civilization you have.

Nuggets communicate with you via a kind of email. They write you letters with requests and complaints, and you can choose, send them to spam or try to help. The claims are different: from helping find a missing child to taking revenge on the offender.

This continuous interactive communication with nuggets brings lots of fun to the game so that you won’t get bored playing.

Except for special requests, you have to provide nuggets with the basics. Food, water, electricity, and basic survival needs form the ground for the further humankind development.

Remember, that the most satisfied nuggets are the most loyal ones to you. So if you crave to be a good God, take care of your wards.

The best possible experience of the God being

What more to say about The Universim? There will be a lot of good things like evolution, discoveries, nature beauties, space exploration, and so on. There as well will be cataclysms, diseases, starvation, hydration, and deaths.

Pretend yourself a God and create the world from scratch in your own image and likeness. No limits, no pi jaws. Only your will matters, and that is fun!


How do I attack another tribe?

- While it's true that your nuggets will not attack the Exiles, you as a god are more than welcome to unleash your fury on them with creator powers.

No files in game download

Its steam fault, not Crytivo. Give it time and it will eventually fix. A lot of people got this issue and after some time the download started. Try restart Steam and Validate game file.

Unable to Launch the game

The game is initillizing the white screen is a start screen before it should go black with the music playing and main menu on screen. 

How long do you wait till you hear music.. BTW when you hear music try one thing please..

PRESS ALT + Tab < twice you will find when doing so a bar will pop up in the middle of the screen with all the programs running, So the ALT + TAB is meant to allow you to change between programs. 

Also run in window mode and lower the resolution.

Crashing on Linux

- Right click on the game in your steam lib
- Properties
- Betas
- Switch from None to Experimental - Latest version




Gameplay controls